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For the function and esthetics of the jaw and teeth

What is two-jaw surgery of The Face Dental clinic?

Two-jaw surgery can change the position of the jaw bone back and forth or up and down. This surgery moves the jaw bone to its ideal position. So, it creates the most natural face as well as beauty.

prognathic jaw
Two-jaw surgery is required if the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw, and if it is a protruding jaw.
Facial asymmetry
Two-jaw surgery is needed if the left and right sides of the face are not well-balanced and look tilted.
Protruded lip and short chin.
If teeth and gums are protruding with a short chin, two-jaw surgery is required.
Long face
Two-jaw surgery is needed when the face is relatively long or the lower jaw is large.

Two-jaw surgery

After making an incision inside of the mouth is made, the upper and lower jaws are cut to calculate the facial ratio that matches to dental interlocking.
Then we move them to the most appropriate position.
In order toTo prevent this position from shifting, we fix them with metal pins.
Two-jaw surgery can be performed simultaneously with facial bone contouring surgery.

Detailed examination with 3D-CT equipment

Through 3D CT and digital X-ray, we thoroughly examine not only the facial bone but also the position of the nerve lines. These results provide the basis for planning an exact surgery.

From surgical planning to medical treatment

From surgical planning to medical treatment, oral surgeons and orthodontic specialists works together.

Veriification through simulation surgery before the surgery

We perform a preliminary check through simulation. With 3D CT, facial photo, and computer set up programs.

We pursue thorough hygiene and accurate and safe surgery.

Based on our experience in sterilization systems and thorough hygiene, as well as our experience with multiple surgeries, we conduct accurate and safe surgeries.

Management program after recovery and surgery

We help patients to recover quickly in a pleasant environment with a variety of programs, as well as individual pain control programs.


SSRO is a representative method of lower jaw surgery. (sagittal split ramus osteotomy)
Separate the surface layers of the lower jaw including temporomandibular joint and the jaw part including tooth. Then, only the jaw part including the teeth is moved backward.
After surgery, the part is fixed with pins for more tight combination. So, it is easier to use your jaw during the early recovery period.


IVRO is a surgery performed behind the nerve passing line. So, this surgery has very low possibility of nerve damage . (Vertical ramus osteotomy)
However, since the fixation between bone parts is not very strong, jaw movement should be restricted for two weeks. And, proper jaw movement must be carried out after surgery.
In patients with uncomfortable temporomandibular joints, recovery of the jaw joints can also be expected by with IVRO.

Should I have two-jaw surgery at the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic? Or should I visit plastic surgeons for this surgery?
Originally, two-jaw surgery have has begun to treat patients with severe malocclusion, such as mandible prognathism, retrognathism or facial asymmetry. Moreover, two-jaw surgery is not a simple bone surgery. Thus, this surgery should be carried out based on the professional knowledge of the mouth/ temporomandibular joint and occlusion. Therefore, it is recommended to have surgery from ana oral and maxillofacial surgeon who can accurately diagnose and treat these areas.
Currently I have a normal occlusion. If I have two-jaw surgery, do I have to undergo orthodontic procedure ?
After two-jaw surgery, it is not necessary to undergo orthodontics unconditionally. If you are in normal occlusion before surgery, we can calculate your jaw position and move the jaw within the normal occlusion range. In this case, additional orthodontics is not needed after the surgery.
Is it safe only when fixing the jaw joint (between the jaw bones) after two-jaw surgery?
The reason why we fix the jaw after two-jaw surgery is to prevent movement of the shifted jaw from returning to its original position. The Face dental clinic performs two-jaw surgery for not only moving the jaw bone but also thoroughly separating the muscles and soft tissues around the jaw, which can minimize the phenomenon of returning to the original state after surgery. And, we manage the patient to be safe even if we do not fix the jaw joint after two-jaw surgery.
is it possible to improve the protruded mouth with two-jaw surgery?
Two-jaw surgery can help to improve the protruded mouth. tIn the case of over-exposed gums or protruded lip with a long face, it is recommended to improve the protruded lip and the long face simultaneously. This will bring you a three-dimensional face with beautiful ratios.

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