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Comfortable Environment with Trustworthy Medical Care System

The Face Dental Clinic pursues safety, function, and beauty.

These are spaces to make you feel comfortable from your first visit to post-surgery care. They are carefully designed not to bring any tension of dental clinics.


This space makes you feel relaxed and secure without any dental phobia.

Surgery Center

The surgery center is equipped with the latest devices and emergency system. It's thoroughly sterilized and the safety is controlled throughout the surgery.

Dental Clinic

The orthodontics center is a spacious and cozy place for orthodontic treatments to set a straight set of teeth. Advanced treatments and kind consultation will bring you bright smile.


Nurses reside and take care of patients for 24 hours for their rapid recovery. You can take a rest and relax in a room equipped with facilities to entertain yourself including TV for individual use.


Specialists have personal consultation for the facial bone surgery pursuing function and beauty. Safer surgery is prepared using latest devices such as 3D CT etc.