Two-Jaw Surgery Improves Functions of Jaw and Teeth - You Need to Check Expertise and Coordination System!
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Healthy teeth are a blessing. Straight teeth with well-balanced jaw lead to a bright face, favourable impression, and optimism. Dr. Lee Joong-kyou, an adjunct professor of College of Dentistry in Dankuk University, warns that two-jaw surgery can bring either happiness or despair to the patients.

Medical care seeks convenience in our living. Healing wounded areas makes us physically healthy and getting rid of weaknesses makes us mentally stable. Medical care heals our body and soul. The most challenging high-level surgery in dentistry and facial plastic surgery is two-jaw surgery. Two-jaw surgery, which was first performed successfully by professor Hugo Obwegesser from Switzerland, started in oral and maxillofacial surgery in 1970s in Korea. However, it fully became popular about 10 years ago.

Tow-jaw surgery is high-level surgery which cuts the upper and lower jaw, and moves the jaw bones and teeth to their ideal position. Only expertly trained specialists minimize the risk. Two-jaw surgery is effective to improve protruded mouth which can cause facial asymmetry, prognathic jaw, short chin, and square jaw.

Protruded mouth refers to the state where the mouth protrudes to the height of the nose. Protrusive jaw and teeth are the cause. Prognathic jaw is a case where the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw. This is hereditary. The tip of the chin is protruded more than the line of philtrum. In case of a short chin, the lower jaw is not normally developed so the chin is short and pulled backwards. It’s a contrary concept of prognathic jaw and surgery in this case is more difficult to perform. Square jaw refers to the case where the facial shape is almost quadrilateral, which makes the line from cheek to jaw unnatural. There are various reasons for that including developmental disorder of the jaw. Depending on the reason, either a non-invasive or surgical procedure is chosen.

Two-jaw surgery restores functions of jaw and teeth, and additionally enhances appearance dramatically. A face is a combination of bones, teeth, skin and subcutaneous tissue. Imbalance in jaw or teeth may cause facial asymmetry and malformation. Soft tissue surgery may improve the situation in mild cases but in case where the bones are abnormally grown, two-jaw surgery, mentoplasty, or facial bone contouring surgery are inevitable. Treating jaw bones, two-jaw surgery not only restores functions but also makes faces harmoniously balanced.

Hence, two-jaw surgery has become hope for many of those who pursue functional improvements such as masticatory function or articulation and beauty. Especially, those who have a desire to improve facial appearance are highly interested in two-jaw surgery.

However, two-jaw surgery is never easy. Surgery time takes from 1hour to 4hours and in the process nerve alveolaris inferior, a lingual nerve, or infraorbital nerve may be damaged. In fact there are some cases where facial paralysis caused by severe nerve compression or retraction during surgery causes court dispute, even though it is classified as an intra-operative complication. Moreover, dyspnoea, pain, facial paralysis and snoring are also reported as aftereffects following surgery.

Successful two-jaw surgery is life-enhancing while failed surgery may only give despair. The shortcut to successful two-jaw surgery is to have an expertly trained specialist. Experienced surgeons have higher probability of surgical success. Checking interdepartmental coordination system and existence of high tech devices is also necessary.

Furthermore, it is desirable to check the profiles of anesthesiologist who works with the oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and those of orthodontist. Dr. Lee Joong-kyou from the Face Dental Clinic remarked “Two-jaw surgery is a high-level one and thus worthwhile and effective. But one minor error can cause terrible pain. That’s why deciding surgery and choosing your doctor should be carefully done.”

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